Invitation Only band

Invitation Only band
The Invitation Only band - British-American Rock n Roll music.
geoff bell - mario petrella - fran guerrera - lorraine jeski

When Geoff Bell and John Swingler formed a band in 1991, they brought years of musical heritage and experience into the mix. Between the two of them, their extensive backgrounds as composers, performers and studio recording artists led to the formation of the band Invitation Only, a 50's - 60's band that continues to receive rave reviews today. The Invitation Only Band is available for corporate functions, private parties, dances, and similar events.

Invitation Only Band members include:

Lorraine Jeski: bass and vocals
Geoff Bell (leader): lead guitar and vocals
Mario Petrella: rhythm and lead
Fran Guerrera: percussion
Mike (the sound-guy) DiCesare

Invitation Only band - British-American Rock n Roll music.members roster - past and present

Invitation Only band - British-American Rock n Roll music.musical heritage

Invitation Only performs dance-able Rock N Roll of the 1950's to mid 1960's, with a special focus on the British Invasion era.

Live recordings of the Invitation Only Band in performance

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Upcoming Appearances

One of the band's goals is to raise funds for New Horizons Shelter that supports women who are victims of domestic violence, a cause the band believes in. "It's something we need to do, and we enjoy helping. Its a ministry, in a way" says Geoff Bell.

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